Online bingo games have become one of the most popular and interactive community gaming experiences on the internet. And in many ways has transformed the bingo landscape. Australians can now play bingo for money at online casinos. The days of having to travel to community bingo halls or nursing homes to play are over.

Though it can take many different forms depending on where you play, bingo is one of the world’s most popular social gambling games. Traditionally played as fundraisers or for charity purposes. Online casinos in Australia offers players the chance to win life-changing bingo jackpots. Today, online bingo is as popular as the live game. This allows players to enjoy the same social interaction and the thrill of chasing bingo winnings from the palm of their hand.

What is Online Bingo

Online bingo’s rules are similar to the form played in halls and clubs around Australia. The traditional community bingo has become a far more convenient thanks to online gambling technology. Now powered by the latest and most advanced technology from industry-leading software providers. At its core, online bingo is an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Bingo enthusiasts can play in live multi-player scheduled games. These are hosted by trusted and dedicated online bingo sites and online casinos. As opposed to a caller at a pub or bingo hall spinning bingo balls in a small cage. The online version is operated by routinely tested and fair random number generators (RNGs). And players battle against other members who have chosen to play in the same bingo room.

Most of these casino bingo rooms offer live chat rooms with others while enjoying fun in-game features. Australian bingo players can select from a wide range of games and ticket prices. All with different pot sizes and many offering huge progressive jackpots. Players can even take advantage of chances to win great rewards and promotions. Such as deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, weekly and monthly cash prizes, refer-a-friend promos, loyalty programs and many more.

One of the great things about playing casino bingo is the free bonus codes offered to Aussie players. Most online casinos offer players welcome bonuses that are available for casino games like pokies, blackjack, roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker as well as bingo. All casino bonuses come with wagering requirements so always review the bonus terms and conditions.

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Strategy of Online Bingo

While bingo is a game of chance, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your odds of winning when playing for real money. As with all casino games, players should know their bankroll budget. And it is always a good idea to play some free games to become familiar with the gameplay.

One thing to take note of is bingo is that games can sometimes take a while. Bingo and slots games play at completely different paces. Bingo can be a time commitment so make sure you have the time to allocate. You don’t want to have to forfeit a game because you have other responsibilities and don’t have the time to finish your game.

Aussie players should consider the following bingo strategies for their next online game.

Playing Multiple Bingo Cards

The timeless technique of playing as many bingo cards as you can work offline. However, this option is generally banned in most centres. And clubs normally impose tight restrictions on the number of cards one individual can play per game. When playing online restrictions are far looser.

Our casino experts have seen online bingo rooms allow players to buy 250+ cards per game. Mathematically, the more cards you play, the better your chances are of hitting bingo first. The drawback is this strategy comes with a greater upfront cost.

There’s also the other side of that coin. If you only want to play one bingo card, try to avoid any bingo games that allow players to purchase multiple cards. If everyone playing only has one card your chances are better than if you are against a high roller that has over 200 cards in play.

The Tippett Bingo Theory

The Tippett theory is a complex analysis of randomness masterminded by L. H. C. Tippett, in his book Random Sampling Numbers. The theory states: “As a random sample increases in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value.”

In simpler terms, this means the more bingo numbers called, the more likely the new numbers called are going to be close to the average (45 in 90 ball bingo and 37/38 in 75 ball bingo). So, when adapting a strategy for longer games, choose bingo cards with numbers closer to the median.

An easy way to know whether a game will be longer or shorter in length is to check the pattern used in 75-ball bingo games. Complex patterns will take longer to complete, while simple patterns will often fill in a short amount of time. 90 ball bingo is harder to determine if the game shall be long or short.

Why You Shouldn't Cheat at Bingo

Here are a few things to take into consideration before you  consider cheating at bingo:

Willingness to Prosecute

Online casinos and bingo establishments don’t have a sense of humour when it comes to cheating. If they catch someone trying to steal their money, they will do everything in their power to see that the offender is punished. And even if a person somehow manages to beat the charges, you can bet they won’t be allowed to play there again.

Online Safeguards

In the movies, a computer expert can grab his laptop and hack into any site in under a minute. Things are a bit more complicated in the reality. Top online gambling destinations spend a tremendous amount of money to ensure that their data remains safe from third-party intruders. When was the last time you read about someone hacking into an online casino or bingo site and getting away with a fortune?

Different Variations of Online Bingo

90-Ball Games

90-ball bingo is the way the game is most common in Australia, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe and South America. The bingo cards are 9 columns up and 3 rows across, for a grid of 27 squares. In each row, 5 of the 9 spaces contain a number. The columns contain numbers corresponding to the noughts (1-9), teens (10-19), the twenties (20-29), and so on across the ticket up to column nine, which contains numbers 80-90. Balls are drawn from a hopper. The hopper contains ninety balls, each marked with a number 1 through 90.

75-Ball Games

The 75-ball game is played in North America. In this game, the card is a 5×5 grid containing 25 squares. The middle square is a “free”, while the columns are marked B-I-N-G-O. The object of the game is to get any line of 5 marked out, though both diagonal lines, one horizontal line, and one vertical line only require 4 marks (due to the “Free” square). Another version of the game is a full house, where all 25 spaces must be marked out.

Single Player Bingo Games

While Bingo is traditionally seen as a game played by a large number of players racing towards the end. Software developers have made bingo accessible to players that just want to play and don’t need other players. In this variation players only have a certain amount of number draws to achieve the necessary numbers. If a player fails to match all the numbers then no prize is awarded.

Community Bingo

Bingo enthusiasts can partake in live multi-player scheduled games which are hosted by online casino sites. As opposed to a caller at a pub or bingo centre, the online version is run by tested and fair random number generators (RNGs), and players battle against other members who have chosen to play in the same bingo room. Live chat with others while in-game, select from a wide range of games and ticket prices.

Bingo Tips for Beginners

While most forms of bingo strategy guides apply to all versions of the game, this section is meant to provide a few useful tips for the online casino games player.

1. Pick a Reputable Site

While most virtual bingo halls are legitimate, there are always a few hoping to scam their players. Before you choose a permanent gaming destination, I suggest doing a respectable amount of research to ensure that winnings will be paid on time and all transactions remain secure.

2. Play at the Same Location

Each online bingo site has a different look and feel, and sometimes this can influence the quality of your gaming experience. To get the most from your Internet bingo sessions, I suggest finding a favourite site and sticking with it. In addition to making friends through the chat feature, you’ll also be more familiar with the site’s unique vibe.

3. Take Advantage of the Perks

Traditional bingo halls are great, but online casinos offer several perks that you can’t find elsewhere. Welcome bonuses, rebuys and the chat feature are two that come to mind, although players looking for a different gaming experience are certain to find more.

4. Learn the Terminology

The chat feature is one of the great things about playing the game online. However, you’ll notice a lot of insider bingo lingo being thrown around, so you’ll need to learn the correct bingo rules and terminology if you want to take part.

5. Small Risks Equal Small Rewards

Smaller jackpots need smaller entry fees. If you can afford it, I suggest paying extra and giving yourself a chance at a more significant payday.

6. Look for Bonus Round Games

Some online bingo games offer bonus prizes if you mark off a specific number or manage to achieve a certain accomplishment. You should never pass up the opportunity to take part in these games, as your chance of winning special prizes is as good as any other player. I’ve been enjoying bingo games for decades, and I still manage to pick up additional winning bingo tips from time to time.

7. Avoid Distractions

One of the advantages of online play is the relative calm compared to the live version of the game. I suggest taking advantage of this as much as possible, as you’d hate to overlook a winning number because of an avoidable distraction.

I know some players who like to wear headphones and listen to classical music while they play online, although there may be another tactic that works better for you.

Online Bingo FAQs

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