Known by many names, scratchies, scratch-offs, scratch-its, scratch games, scratch-and-win, scratchers or simply scratch cards. Scratchies, are one of the most popular games of chance in the world.

Low in cost, easy to play and fun. What more could you ask for? Let’s face it, we all love a little bit of instant gratification, and that’s exactly what you can get from Scratchies.

Scratch cards have been around since the 1970s. Initially released by the Scientific Games Corporation, the concept was very simple. Each scratch card was printed with three boxes. Each box could be scratched to reveal three symbols. If all three symbols matched, you were a winner.

Over the years, Scratchies have evolved, and now there are several ways to win and a variety of prizes that can be won on any given card.

How to Play Online Scratchies

Playing Online Scratchies is straightforward. Physical scratch cards can be found at several outlets. They are usually thin cards with a scratchable foil surface. Peel it off by scratching the card with a coin to reveal what is underneath.

When you buy an online scratchy, the same action is virtually simulated.

Online Scratchie Rules

Not all scratch cards have the same rules. You can buy them online or at a brick and mortar retailer. Prices for scratch cards vary, from a dollar or two to $20 or $30 with huge multi-million-dollar jackpots up for grabs.

Purchase your card and scratch the foil, either in person or online with your mouse cursor.

Types of Scratchies Cards

The main types of scratchies are land-based and online Scratchies. So, it all depends on where you want to buy your scratchy.

Scratchie Card and coin

Where Can I Find Scratchies?

Scratch and win card with money symbols

Online Scratchies

When it comes to online Scratchies, there are two types available.

The most common type is web-based Scratchies which are played right in your browser, no download required.

All you need to play this game is a casino account. Simply choose your casino, sign up and make a deposit.

Tickets are worth different prices, choose your desired amount and get scratching.

Another online option is the downloadable version. For this kind of Scratchy, you’ll need to install the software.

After that, you open the software and then it’s pretty much the same as the web-based version.

Land-based Scratchies

You can purchase Scratchies from many brick and mortar retailers, including licensed shops and casinos.

The benefit here is being able to physically scratch the card. The downfall? You need to leave the house!

Scratchies Strategy

The best strategy when it comes to Scratchies is to manage your money. It may seem like a good idea to buy sheet upon sheet of scratch cards. But at the end of the day, this isn’t the best strategy.

Plan your bankroll, decide what you want to spend and stick to it. With all forms of gambling, never spend more than you can afford and always stick to your budget.

Don’t focus too much on the jackpot. Sometimes Scratchies that don’t offer a huge jackpot give you better chances of winning smaller, more frequent amounts.


There aren’t a lot of online casinos that offer special bonuses for online Scratchies players, but almost all real money online casinos do offer special welcome bonuses. Take advantage of the Welcome Bonus, and try out a few Scratchies as an added bit of fun.

Free Games

You can play casino Scratchies online for fun. Similar to other online casino games this is a great way to try the game out and find out if it’s the right one for you.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’ll win real money, but hey, it’s still fun to try.

Advantages of Scratch Cards

A Variety of Options – With regular lottery games like the Saturday lotto, you just pick your numbers and hope for the top prize. Scratch cards offer a wider range of themes and art designs. Some of them invoke ideas from the pop culture or sports world. Each year, the companies that make cards create dozens of new styles in order to keep their customers interested.

Range of Denominations – The scratchies are scalable to various levels of commitments. It’s common to find cards of six different values, with the more expensive options offering a larger potential prize value. This means that people can enjoy the game while playing the denomination that meets their budget.

Instant Gratification – When you buy a lottery ticket, you have to wait until the drawing to find out if you’re a winner. There’s no tedious wait with scratch cards, as you can pull a coin out of your pocket, scratch off the acrylic film, and immediately learn the results. With the draws, you might lose your ticket or have it stolen before you know whether you won.

Easy to Find and Buy – Scratch cards are available at thousands of locations throughout Australia, including pharmacists and newspaper vendors. But you also don’t have to leave your house to find online scratchies. When you’re in the mood to play, you won’t have to look far. Scratchies can be part of your daily routine, like reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

Fun – With colourful designs and a variety of themes, online scratchies are a lot of fun to play. They’re also easy to understand, so Australian players of all ages can dive right in without being overwhelmed by complicated rules. This is another similarity they share with pokies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scratchies

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