Progressive Jackpots are the quickest way to secure yourself a life-changing amount of money when playing at an online casino for real money. When you read stories online about someone winning enough money to buy a house or the multi-millions of dollars. You can bet your bottom dollar that they won it punting a Progressive Jackpot Pokie.

Not only are these Progressive Jackpots avenues for making ordinary folk into instant millionaires. But the Progressive Jackpot pokies themselves have become household names in their own right. The likes of Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and the Dark Knight have been the subject of many a forum discussion, pokie review and news story. And when you consider the amount of real money they’ve paid out over the years, you can see why.

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What are Progressive Jackpot Pokies?

Progressive Jackpot Pokies for the most part work in the same way as regular online pokies and free pokies.  They have a set number of reels, a minimum and maximum amount per spin, symbols of different values, special symbols including Wilds and Scatters and different ways to secure wins in the base game.

They’ll also have different ways that allow you to access bonus features. Such as free spins rounds, pick’em features and all the other types of bonus rounds that you’d find in other regular pokies.

So far, they’re the same as any other pokie, so what’s the big deal? The difference is that a percentage of every spin you pay for (the exact percentage depends on the pokie) goes towards the one or more Progressive Jackpots that are waiting to be won.

In some cases that means that literally, any spin played by any player anywhere in the world on that particular Progressive Jackpot pokie will mean the amount to be won goes up. In other cases, the Jackpot is a ‘local’ one. Meaning that it can only be won by customers playing that pokie at that particular online casino. And it, therefore, follows that only contributions made by customers at that particular casino go towards the Progressive Jackpot(s).

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How to Play Progressive Jackpot Pokies

It’s worth re-iterating that for the most part there’s little or no difference between playing a typical online pokie versus a Progressive Jackpot.

First, you choose your stake. Then you select the number of lines you want active (where relevant). And then you spin and collect wins when identical symbols match in a pay line or courtesy of securing wins via a bonus rounds.

The only real difference is that from time to time a lucky winner will emerge and will secure themselves one of the Progressive Jackpots. And walk away with a life-changing sum of money.

Pokie Bonuses

Different sites will have different rules relating to the use of casino bonuses when it comes to playing Progressive Jackpot Pokies.

Some of them will allow customers to use bonus money awarded as part of welcome bonuses and reload bonuses to play Progressive Jackpot pokies. Just like you could play on any other pokie of your choice.

It’s a similar story with free spins. Sometimes casinos will specify that you can only use free spins awarded to you on a particular pokie or pokies. Other times you can use them on any pokie you like. And other times still, you can use your free spins on any pokie except for the Progressive Jackpot ones.

So as ever, it’s worth reading the terms and conditions of a particular casino bonus. Not only can it vary from casino to casino, but it could also vary from one promotion to another at the same online casino.

Banking Methods

It generally won’t matter which banking methods a particular real money online casino allows you to use for deposits or withdrawals. As long as you can get money in and out of your casino account. It won’t have any impact on how to play Progressive Jackpot pokies or any other casino games for that matter.

The rare instance that it does matter is if players get a deposit bonus for using a particular deposit option. For example, some online casinos will give players an extra bonus for using Bitcoin.

Every Australian online casino has its own separate deposit and withdrawal options. However, most allow players to use Visa, Mastercard, or bank transfers. And other local Australian E-Wallets like Neosurf to get your money in or out of your account.

One thing for new players to be aware of is that just because you use a particular method for deposits doesn’t mean you can use that same option for payouts.

Tips for Progressive Jackpots

Remember the RTP

A reminder that a game’s RTP is how much it returns to the player as a percentage. A pokie with an RTP of 98% will theoretically pay back 98AUD to players for every 100AUD pumped into them.

Because Progressive Jackpot pokies can pay out absurdly high sums of money to those winning the Jackpots. There RTP is a bit lower than other forms of pokies. This is because a portion of every wager goes towards funding their Progressive Jackpots.

In other words, there are less ‘regular’ wins but there’s always the possibility that you can strike gold.

Play ‘local’ for better odds

If you’re really after a 10 million AUD payout or higher, you should play Network Progressive Jackpot pokies. This form of progressive receives contributions from players from all over the world. And can be won by anyone at any Casino that stocks that game.

But if you’d rather ‘settle’ for 1 million AUD, you might be better off playing ‘local’ Progressive Jackpots. They can only be won by players active in that particular casino. So, the amount you can win is far less but your chances of winning something significant are far greater.

Win it, bank it!

If you’re lucky enough to win a Progressive Jackpot of any sort, you should think about withdrawing the vast amount of your winnings straight away. If you leave it in your Casino account, there’s a decent chance you might end up spending it all based on the belief that it wasn’t your money in the first place. Best withdraw it, do something sensible with it and just leave a small amount in your Casino account. You can always refund it at a later date, if necessary.

Set yourself a budget

This is sound advice whether you’re playing a Progressive Jackpot pokie or any type of casino game. Due to the randomness of how pokies work, there will inevitably be sessions where it just doesn’t work out for you and you go on a bad run.

The solution is to set yourself a budget for what you’re prepared to lose in a session as a way of staying in control and of managing your bankroll. Tomorrow is another day and your fortunes may change.

Best Progressive Jackpot Software Developers

There are dozens of software developers out there these days but not all of them offer Progressive Jackpot pokies. These are some of the ones that do and with good effect.


NetEnt is probably the best-known supplier of pokies in the world, their infamous Mega Fortune Progressive pokie has paid out so much money that it’s been nicknamed the ‘Millionaire-maker’. They also made ‘Hall of Gods’, another iconic Progressive Pokie.


Another giant of the pokies world. Microgaming has released plenty of Progressive Jackpot pokies over the years, the best-known of which is Mega Moolah. The safari-themed game has a Minor, Major and Mega Jackpot up for grabs and holds the record for the biggest real money online pokies payout in history.


The Scandinavian-based software provider has made a handful of Progressive Jackpot Pokies over the years, the best-known of which are Joker Millions, Empire Fortune and Jackpot Raiders. In addition to the big sums waiting to be won, Yggdrasil games are famed for their beautiful design.


Another provider who have released plenty of ‘Progressives’ onto the Australian market. Which is unsurprising seeing as they’ve been around since 1996. Among the better-known ones are Beach Life, Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 and Fruit Mania.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies FAQs

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