Artificial intelligence technology deployed at Vegas casino 

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Man dies after fatal Vegas Strip punch 

A technology firm is deploying a platform that uses artificial intelligence and hidden sensors to detect threats at the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Security Sales reports that Patriot One Technologies announced it will deploy its multi-sensor technology PATSCAN this quarter for the holiday season, offering increased security and safety for resort guests, staff and partners.

In addition to the PATSCAN component of the platform for the detection of visible and invisible threats, such as weapons, disturbances, elevated body temperature identified and facial mask detection, the Plaza will also deploy Patriot One’s new PATSCAN multi-sensor Gateway for concealed weapon detection.

“We’re excited to bring this new innovation, AI-driven threat detection technology to the Plaza,” general manager of the Plaza Hotel and Casino Jay Franken said.

“Popular for a classic Vegas experience and conveniently located at the top of the Fremont Street Experience, the Plaza Hotel and Casino typically welcomes thousands of guests a day.

“So we are pleased to be the first in the downtown area to implement new physical and health security solutions to better protect our guests and staff.”

Patriot One’s PATSCAN platform is driven by artificial intelligence consisting of a network of hidden sensors that can detect concealed, concealed threat objects, weapons detection from afar, public disturbances and fights through its algorithms, multiple sensors and AI video.

It also has health and safety threat detection modules; specifically thermal elevated body temperature, facial mask, social distancing and contact tracing detections.

“We’re excited to be working with the Plaza Resort and Casino in downtown Las Vegas,” president and chief operating officer of Patriot One, Dietmar Wennemer said.

“Our business development team has been working with a number of Las Vegas casinos and resorts since setting up operations in the city back in December 2017.

“With the commercialisation of our PATSCAN platform and the reopening of resorts and casinos, we’re seeing an increase in interest for our solutions.”

Vegas should look to past to rediscover its park: gaming historian 

Las Vegas casinos should turn back time and reconnect with people on a personal level to recapture the magic of the city from decades ago, one gaming expert revealed. reported in December that gaming historian David G Schwartz said personal attention that smaller casinos like the now-demolished Las Vegas Sands provided on the Strip is harder for larger resorts of today to achieve.

The Sands began in the 1950s with 200 rooms before expanding to 777 rooms.

Newer resorts have thousands of rooms.

With technological advances, however, “it may be possible to reconnect with customers in a more accommodating way,” Schwartz said.

The associate vice provost for faculty affairs at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas said the Vegas brand has overshadowed the experience.

“Casinos will tell you how awesome they are, but they don’t always do such a good job of communicating what will make the experience inside them unique and worthy of a trip,” he said.

With tourism in a slump since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, casinos are seeking unique ways to attract customers.

Two resorts in Las Vegas only allow patrons age 21 and over onto the main property.

These adults-only properties are Circa Resorts and the Cromwell.

Park MGM recently became the first smoke-free resort on the Strip.

Schwartz noted that “promotions and press relations” were important to the Sands.

The property played up the entertainers who performed in its marquee Copa Room.

These included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford.

Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe could also be spotted at the Sands.

Schwartz said people are “entranced by this era mostly because of their personalities.”

“They are larger than life icons and the Copa Room at the Sands let customers meet and mingle with the stars in an intimate setting.”

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