Brawl erupts at Crown Perth as party buses implicated

By Ethan Anderson Updated
Smoking ban for Crown Perth’s International Room

A fight broke out in the car park at Crown’s Perth casino last Saturday night, with as many as 70 people involved in the affray.

9News reports people were seen standing on cars as security guards appeared to watch on.

Injuries ranged from black eyes, to broken bones and bleeding on the brain, all in front of young children.

“The kids saw their dads getting pulled into this group and beaten so they were absolutely distraught,” a witness said.

A newly married couple, who did not want their faces shown, said they were on tour buses with their wedding guests when they were ambushed.

“It was horrendous, there were people on the ground getting kicked, their heads stomped, it was disgusting.”

Multiple cars were trashed, with mirrors snapped off and used as weapons.

“IT appears that both groups arrived intoxicated, both were alleged to be on these so-called party buses,” WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

On Sunday, WA’s top cop called for a crack down on the party bus industry.

“Those operators, I am putting you straight on notice right now,” Dawson said.

“If you’re going to continue operating these businesses in this way, you’ll find there is a police car following you and your patrons will get very strong police action.”

He’s pushing for party bus operators and their drivers to be liable for criminal charges.

“I’m not trying to be anti-party but this is violence, this is not partying,” he said.

Campaigners call for smoking ban at Crown Perth 

Calls have grown to make Crown Perth’s high-roller areas smoke-free.

Mirage News reported in December that Western Australia’s leading health groups hope the casino follows a decision made by Crown Melbourne to declare all high-roller gaming areas smoke-free for a period of two weeks to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, in response to health and safety concerns raised by casino workers.

“The fact that smoking is still allowed in high-roller gaming areas is outdated and shocking and inconsistent with health and safety legislation,” Cancer Prevention and Research Director Melissa Ledger said.

“Since the smoking exemption was granted in 2006 under WA’s tobacco legislation, the size of the high-roller areas has increased significantly, exposing more workers and patrons to second hand smoke.

Chief executive of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health Maurice Swanson said Crown Perth is the only enclosed workplace in WA that allows its staff to be exposed to second hand cigarette smoke.

“We have known for nearly 40 years that second hand smoke causes lung cancer and it is now firmly established that second hand smoke causes heart attacks.

“No ventilation system can remove the pollutants generated by cigarette smoke, and this evidence has been available for many years,” Mr Swanson said.

President of AMA WA, Dr Andrew Miller, said Crown Perth was sending a very poor message to its staff and the community about the importance of their health.

“All employees at the casino deserve to work in a safe environment without being exposed to secondhand smoke,” Dr Miller said.

“There is also evidence that if you smoke or inhale second hand smoke, your risk of contracting COVID-19 is increased.

“If Crown Perth is not prepared to do the right thing by its staff and patrons, the state government should immediately remove the exemption that allows smoking to continue in certain areas of the casino.”

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