Casinos Austria named preferred Nagasaki partner as Oshidori released jaw dropping schematics

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Japanese cities firm up their integrated resort proposals

The withdrawn application by Oshidori International Development for an integrated resort in Nagasaki would have featured a soaring architectural landmark to be named The Sails at Omura Bay and depicting the sales of a ship waving in the breeze had formed the basis of the concept.

Inside Asian Gaming obtained access to architectural renderings of the proposed venue, which would have come to fruition had the company won prefectural and national approval.

Instead, Oshidori withdrew from the race on August 6, citing unreasonable request-for-proposal rules and ethical concerns over the bidding process.

Casinos Austria was named as Nagasaki’s preferred operator partner just days later and will now work with the prefecture on finalising their proposal to submit to the national government before April 28, 2022.

Nagasaki announced Casinos Austria received a score of 697 points under the prefecture’s scoring system, with Oshidori’s concept coming in a close second and only two per cent behind with a 682.8 point score, despite their withdrawal.

The third group in the bidding, NIKI Chyau Parkview Group, brought up the rear with 667.1 points.

The design of the Sails at Omura Bay concept, highlighted by the Sails Tower, features a series of flowing sails shaped by the force of the wind and inspired by the Hansen Matsuri, Nagasaki’s Tall Ships Festival.

Announcing the successful Casinos Austria bid, Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura said: “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all entities who participated in our RFP at a time when the world had faced the COVID-19 pandemic, and for their unique proposals that make use of their own expertise and expertise.

“We also thank the members of the evaluation committee, each with their own perspective based on their area of expertise, who have taken the time to strictly evaluate the proposals.

“Going forward, our next course of action is to come to a master agreement with the priority negotiation rights holder. The prefecture will continue its efforts towards receiving national approval for developing an integrated resort in Nagasaki.”

Casinos Austria shed light on successful proposal

Casinos Austria has released the first details about its planned integrated resort in Nagasaki, claiming it will feature eight hotels including some by Hyatt Hotel Group.

The European casino operator said its site will include a 9000 square metre casino with 220 gaming tables and 2,200 poker machines, “offering a gaming experience of the highest international standards.”

It’s notable that such a massive casino project would dwarf anything Casinos Austria operates currently, with the company’s corporate website stating that the 25 casinos under its purview boast a total of 230 tables and 3,200 slot machines between them.

The integrated resort itself will see eight hotels with conference and exhibition centres and entertainment complexes in cooperation with “reputable international partners such as the Hyatt Hotel Group as well as Japanese partners.”

Casinos Austria chief executive officer Bettina Glatz-Kremsner said: “By passing this milestone in the award process in Japan, Casinos Austria International has once again demonstrated the kind of excellent reputation that the company enjoys abroad.

“After years of restructuring, CAI is back on track. Its know-how and expertise in the development and operation of such complex projects continue to be impressive.

“I wish Casinos Austria International, under Christop Zurucker-Burda’s management, all the best and that they will be awarded one of the three licences next year, together with Nagasaki Prefecture.”

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