Smoking ban for Crown Perth’s International Room

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Smoking ban for Crown Perth’s International Room

A smoking ban will come into effect in Crown Perth’s International Room area from the end of the year.

Mirage News reports that from December 31, 2021, Crown Perth’s gaming facility smoking exemption will be removed.

Under Regulation 10(2) of the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2006, smoking had been allowed within the International Room at Crown Perth.

The Department of Health has been in liaison with Crown Perth about the change to the Regulations to remove the smoking exemption.

The amended regulations are due to be published in the Government Gazette in mid-December 2021.

Once the amendment takes effect, Crown Perth must abide by the same smoke-free requirement that applies to all enclosed hospitality premises in Western Australia.

Exposure to second-hand smoke is a proven health risk and an occupational health and safety issue for staff and the community.

The most effective way to protect people from the adverse health effects of second-hand smoke is to provide a smoke free environment.

The Regulations ban smoking in or around all enclosed public places in WA, including those on licenced premises.

The Regulations apply to public premises including shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, airports, cafes, restaurants, bars, night clubs, sporting clubs and public transport.

The new law aims to reduce community exposure to second-hand smoke.

Health Minister Roger Cook said WA has been a frontrunner when it comes to public health measures to protect its citizens from the dangers of second-hand smoke in a variety of public places.

“For more than 22 years we have had widespread smoking bans in Western Australia,” Cook said.

“There is no good reason to maintain the smoking exemption at Crown’s International Room and that is why I proposed to remove it.

“Once the amendment takes effect, people will not be allowed to smoke in the International Room area at Crown Perth.

“I’d like to thank Crown for their cooperation.”

Culture review casts damning view of Crown Perth 

Crown Resorts’ Perth casino has undergone a culture review that has discovered a large number of staff feel they could be penalised for raising concerns to management.

The review has underpinned some of the ongoing cultural issues plaguing the under fire casino operator.

It will likely raise the concern of Crown’s board and new chief executive officer Steve McCann, who are attempting to spearhead a cultural overhaul of the group.

Crown values not followed by teams

A major of surveyed Perth employees said they believed Crown’s directors do not “consistently behave in accordance with Crown’s values.”

The observations come in an expert report on a recent cultural review of Crown undertaken by Deloitte that was prepared for the Perth casino royal commission.

The commission is examining whether Crown is suitable to operate its casino in Perth.

Report author and Kiel Advisory Group managing director Elizabeth Arzadon said the Deloitte review revealed that “serious leadership weaknesses exist not only at the top of the organisation, but als at middle management and supervisor levels.”

“Until leaders at all levels demonstrate the skill and will to inspire, support and role model new behaviours, Crown’s cultural transformation will encounter serious barriers,” she said.

The report said that only “42 per cent of Perth staff responded positively to the survey item ‘Board members at Crown consistently behave in accordance with Crown’s values.”

On the middle management and supervisor level, only 41 per cent of Crown Perth staff believed that their direct supervisors put their own self-interest ahead of the company.

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