Why do people play at real money online casinos? There are plenty of reasons. It can be for a good, entertaining time. It could be to relax and unwind after a long day at work. And it could also be to make a little extra money.

This page will educate you on the Return-To-Player Percentage, or the RTP, of online games and casinos. This is something that most experienced players know about, but getting a refresher is never a bad idea. If you’re a new player, this should give you a good foundation on RTP, and how you can use it to select your online game or casino.

What Is Return To Player Percentage (RTP)?

The RTP is a formula that shows how much of the money bet on a game will be returned to players. This is calculated over time, just like the house edge, which is the opposite concept of the RTP. You might see the RTP referred to as the payout percentage, but rest assured, it is the same thing.

However, the important aspect to note is that this RTP is calculated to be returned to many players, not one specific player. Therefore, if a game has an RTP of 93%, for example, a player shouldn’t expect to win 93 times out of 100. The RTP is usually based on, at least, a minimum amount of 1,000 spins, but it is usually higher.

You also have to factor in that a game like online slots, in which RTP is the most prevalent, is powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). These RNGs are usually audited by a third-party company to make sure that everything is legitimate. RNGs are just that: random. You need to remind yourself of this as you are sitting down to play your favourite online casino games.

Many online games and casinos will have their RTP posted somewhere on their website, which helps to show how trustworthy they are.

There is one more interesting tidbit of information. On the average, online casinos offer higher RTPs than land-based casinos. It is a pretty sizable difference as well, as some land-based casinos have an RTP average of about 80%. Meanwhile, you will struggle to find a game at an online casino that is below 90% and in most cases, 94% or higher. That is a big enough difference to try out an online casino if you’re an Australian player.

Which Casino Games Offer The Best RTP?

Again, you will likely hear RTP when someone is talking about online pokies. One of the reasons that real money online pokies are so popular is because they have an average RTP rate of about 96%. This is actually one of the lowest RTPs that you’re going to find at an online casino, but you also have more options to win big with progressive jackpots, so keep that in mind.

Somewhat surprisingly, video poker often has the best RTPs that you can find at Australian online casinos. These games come in around 99%, and the Jacks Or Better variation of the game is the one that pays out the best. However, this comes with a caveat. This high RTP factors in that the player is going to make the right decisions when it comes to figuring out which cards to hold on to. We all know that doesn’t happen 100% of the time. Therefore, you should take this RTP with a grain of salt, unless you’re the best video poker player in the world (and even then, you can’t win them all).

There is a lot of chance when it comes to the game of roulette, whether you are online or at a land-based casino. You can use all the strategy you want, but that isn’t going to change the RTP of the games. European roulette, or single-zero, has an RTP of around 97%. Meanwhile, American roulette, or double-zero, has an RTP of about 95%.

Craps is a roll of the dice, literally. Craps has also become more popular at online casinos since the rise of the live dealer, which makes the game much more interactive. There are a lot of different bets you can make on each roll, but the RTP for craps comes out to about 98-99%.

Baccarat is similar to craps in that many people prefer to play it at a land-based casino, because it seems more exciting. However, once again with the advent of live dealers, baccarat can be played with just as much entertainment at home. Online baccarat has an RTP of 99%. Here is a tip: banker bets are a slightly better wager than a player bet.

Blackjack has an RTP of about 99%, but like video poker, some skill is involved. Therefore, that high RTP is based on players making the correct decision all of the time.

Which Online Casinos Offer The Best RTP?

Wild Card City Casino

Wild Card City Online Casino Banner
Wild Card City offers a fantastic RTP of 99.15%, which is impressive considering how many different games you can play there. From pokies (including jackpot pokies) to table games, you can find any type of game you want and more at Wild Card City.

Uptown Pokies

Uptown Pokies comes in just behind Wild Card City with a 99.02% RTP and while they do offer table games and video poker, their bread-and-butter is pokies. You have over 180 to choose from, and plenty of chances to win and receive free spins.

Kaulana Casino

Kaulana casino Logo
Kaulana Casino is one of the youngest casinos in the game, but they still come in with a solid 98.91% RTP. They also come with table games and video poker, and a very good live casino. But pokies are the foundation of a game selection that totals over 1,000. That’s right, one thousand games to choose from.

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