VIP programs at Australia’s best online casinos allow punters to earn free spins, monthly gifts, casino credits, and much more. Once a player creates an account and joins the action, they will also be rewarded with exclusive offers such as welcome bonuses and sign-up promotions.

Many online casinos offer loyalty programs as an incentive for loyal players to climb the ranks of the casino VIP program and become VIP members. These lucrative player rewards and great customer support options are just some reasons to try out these free VIP programs while participating at an online gambling site.

This VIP guide provides basic information about the top casino sites in Australia with the most lucrative VIP programs and rewards.

What is a VIP Program?

An online casino VIP program is another term for a casinos loyalty program.

Loyal and regular punters are very important to the long term business of real money online casinos. And these programs are designed to keep you engaged and coming back to play at their site for as long as possible.

This is similar to how credit cards extend ‘rewards points’ and airlines offer ‘frequent flyer miles’ to passengers. An online casino VIP program rewards punters for simply wagering on casino games and online pokies for real money.

How Do I Join A VIP Program?

Generally, when you create a new casino account and make an initial deposit, punters are automatically entered into that online casino’s VIP program.

From this point forward the casino will track all your bets and monitor your progression. The more you wager, the faster you will progress and more casino bonuses you will receive.

There are some casino sites where punters require an invitation to join the online casino VIP or loyalty program. If you have any questions simply contact customer support.

How to Claim VIP Rewards

One of the main benefits of a gambling site tracking your progress is it lets you know where you stand and what offers are currently available to you. Once you have achieved a new tier or accumulated enough points for a bonus you will generally be contacted by the casino site and they will let you know how to claim your rewards.

In most cases, your VIP program progress can be found by accessing your casino profile. Simply go to your profile page and generally you will see your total rewards points or tier progress, along with the option to claim your rewards.

If you have any questions or are curious you can always contact customer support and they will be able to update you on your progress and how close you are to achieving your goals.

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Types of VIP & Loyalty Programs

There are generally two different types of VIP & Loyalty programs available at Australian online casinos and they are the points-based and a tier-based program. Where is a breakdown of each of the systems works and how they benefit players.

Points Based VIP Programs

The more you wager the more points you earn.

A points-based VIP program style is aimed at Australian punters who want fast bonuses. The more you play and wager, the more VIP points you earn and those points can be converted into lucrative bonuses from cash, free withdrawals, free spins, reduced wagering requirements, free tournament entries and much more!

Tier-Based Programs

This is the most common loyalty program at Australian online casinos. Players start at the bottom tier and as the wager, they move up. As they climb the ladder they prizes and benefits become more lucrative. The bonuses are similar to the points-based program just rewarded at different increments. And once punters reach the top of a tier-based program the awards are huge, out casino review experts have seen casinos reward players with free cars.

VIP Program Rewards

As loyalty and VIP programs become the standard at the top Australian casino sites, each operator is forced to try and outdo the competition in terms of creativity and incentives. Online gambling sites know that punters are shopping around for the best promotions available – and if they aren’t they should be.

We recommend punters find the bonuses that suit their preferences. If you don’t like play real money online pokies then free spins aren’t going to be the best bonus for you. While the list of rewards varies from site to site, these are the most popular available to Australian players.

Cashback Rewards

One of the most common types of loyalty program reward, every player can appreciate a little extra cash in their bankroll. While terms and conditions vary, generally cashback rewards are earned as a percentage of bets a player makes.

Free Spin Rewards

Those who enjoy real money online pokies know the more they play, the more points they accrue and those are often cashed in for free spins. These rewards will sometimes be cashed and added to a player’s account automatically or may need to be claimed with a code.


These less common, but still exist at some casino sites, typically in the more exclusive loyalty and VIP programs. Sometimes VIP program points can be exchanged for physical prizes, for example, a television, high-end stereo equipment, headphones or even cars.

Personal VIP Hosts

Personal VIP hosts is a popular perk for elite loyal members. This grants punters a concierge service that helps get them into exclusive tournaments and helps ensure their winnings are cashed out quickly. They can also help get wagering restrictions removed.

As with any online casino bonus, we recommend reading the fine print – VIP and loyalty programs are subject to terms and conditions.

Online Casino VIP Programs FAQs

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