One of the most popular options for depositing on an online poker site is via credit cards. Credit card accepted poker sites offer for the easy transfer of funds, allowing you to play instantly.

Unfortunately, credit card deposits are not available to everyone. Australians have learned this the hard way as local poker laws have forced banks to block most online gambling transactions. If you live in Australia or another region with restrictive online gambling laws, you may have difficulty making a deposit using your credit.

If you’re in an area that supports credit card poker sites, then on this page you will learn all you need to fund and cash out from your online poker account. The poker sites below take credit card payments from Australian players with Visa being the easiest of the major credit cards to process. If you do have difficulties depositing to a poker site with a credit card, please contact the site’s customer support or try one of the more popular alternative methods — such as Bitcoin.

Making a Deposit With a Credit Card

If your poker site accepts credit card, the process to make a deposit is an easy one. Below is a simple tutorial on how to make your credit card deposit.

That’s it. You will be presented with a page confirming your transaction, or you will be taken back to the main Cashier screen. In most cases, your deposit should be available immediately for play.

Cashing Out Using Credit Cards

Cashing out using your credit card can be a real hit or miss proposition. Some sites allow it. Others do not. As a rule of thumb, expect to use a different method to cash out. However, if you’re site happens to offer credit card withdrawals, you can do so using the following steps:

What Are My Other Options For Cashing Out?

If your poker site doesn’t allow for credit card withdrawals, you’ll need to use an alternative method. In most cases, you will be able to cash out using the following:

Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets in the world and used by a wide variety of online poker sites. Most other transfers are done via direct bank transfer or using SWIFT bank transfers. If all else fails, most sites have an option for you to receive a physical check by mail. It won’t be as quick as other withdrawal options.

Frequently Asked Question

Are There Any Fees With Credit Card Deposits and Withdrawals?
There may be. Some sites will charge a fee to initiate a transfer via credit card. This ranges from about 2.5 to 3% of the transaction, or about $2.50 to $3 per $100 deposited. If your site uses a different currency than yours, they may also charge a currency conversion fee.

Similar fees may also apply to withdrawals. Typically, withdrawal fees are a flat fee as opposed to a percentage. You may be subject to currency conversion fees as well. Many sites will allow you to cash out once a month for free and then charge you a fee for subsequent monthly transfers.

Why doesn’t my online poker site accept my credit card?
Many times, a site that doesn’t accept credit cards is constrained by the laws of a particular region. For example, many banks in Australia and the United States do not allow any transactions connected to gambling in any form. In these cases, you will have to use an alternative method to make a deposit.
I cashed out using a credit card. How long will it take for me to receive it?
It depends on the site. Most sites have a 24 to 48 hour processing period where transactions are reviewed for fraud. Afterward, the funds are then released. From that point, it can take three to five business days to credit to your card.
I made a deposit using my credit card, but it is now showing. What do I do?
First, verify whether your credit card poker site supports instant deposits. If they do, then you need to contact customer support for the site. There may be a slight delay in your account crediting. Customer service will be able to verify if the problem is at their end.
I tried making a deposit using a card my site says is supported but it declined. What happened?
In many cases, if your card declines when trying to make a deposit, it is because your bank is prohibiting charges related to online gambling. Some banks may even block gambling deposits in countries where online gaming is not restricted.

Also, make sure you’re not trying to deposit more money than is on your card. It will decline if you try and go over your limit. Otherwise, contact customer support to see what they show for why your card declined.

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