Online pokies all have a feature assigned to them by their manufacturers or the auditors that test them. This feature is the theoretical payback percentage. It is a feature of poker machines whether they are online or in a casino setting. That has an effect on your online pokies odds.

The feature means that the longer a bettor players, the closer they are to be to the theoretical playback percentage number.

Understanding your chances of winning when you play these games requires an understanding of payback percentage and hit frequency. Both of these concepts relate to a player’s odds of winnings from pokies.

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How Do You Win at Pokies?

Online and land-based pokies are electronic and powered by Random Number Generators. The results of each spin are determined by complex computerised algorithms. This can be daunting for some who question the legitimacy behind such systems.

When making the switch to playing pokies online, it is beneficial to understand how RNGs work. Also, how to determine whether an online real money casino is using safe and fair RNGs to power their pokies.

Understanding how RNGs work will also help to establish safe gambling practices by accepting there’s nothing players can do to influence the outcome of a spin. It is like the original lever-powered slot machines.

An RNG is a computerised system developed to replicate the true randomness of manual casino games. These are electronically-generated the results of a pokies spin based on no particular pattern or pre-programmed outcomes.

RNGs can’t be seen by the naked eye. They are programmed into the slot software using hidden formulas to generate complex number sequences that determine where the pokies symbols will land.

When it comes to real money online pokies and RNGs, there are literally millions of possible outcomes every time you hit that spin button.

When using a fair and unbiased RNG, there is nothing the player or the casino operator can do to alter the formula in order to influence the result of the spin in any way.

Are There Different Odds for Different Online Pokies?

There are two main types of pokie machine games – 5-reel and 3-reel.

In short, the more reels means more combination and more paylines.

5-reel pokies generally offer anything from 9 to 143 paylines. They also pay out on combinations varying between two to five symbols. This gives players much better odds than trying to hit a 1-in-100,000 specific combination. This increased probability allows for massive jackpots to be won. It also gives the player the opportunity to win many smaller prizes as well.

The simple 3-reel design makes these pokies ideal for beginners. Yes, there are fewer paylines than the five reel pokie, often even just one. But this makes playing online pokies all the easier to grasp. 3-reel pokies also yield better prospects for jackpot wins.

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What Is Hit Frequency?

The hit frequency indicates the frequency at which a winning combination will be landed on a slot machine. It is presented in the firm of a percentage. It specifies the average number of bets from which you will make winnings out of 100 bets played.

Thus, a hit rate of 25 per cent means that on average, 25 bets out of 100 will generate winning combinations. Therefore, players will win some real money. As you may have understood, this element is extremely important in order to understand the redistribution potential of a machine.

It does not give you indications regards to the size of the winnings. For this information, you have to look at the volatility of a machine. The hit frequency of an online slot may go from 15 up to over 50 per cent. However, in most cases it lies between 20 and 35 per cent.

What Is Volatility?

Volatility is one of the more confusing aspects of pokies, especially for new players. It is the amount of variation one can expect to see in the results from a poker machine.

High volatility means that big gains and losses are happening rapidly. Meanwhile, low volatility means steady returns for investors.

In online pokies, a high volatility machine may have long losing streaks and enormously lucrative payouts. Meanwhile, a game with less volatility might instead pay out more frequently, but generally offer lower payouts.

More online pokies players, the idea of a high-risk, high-reward machine can be enticing. Online pokies can increase volatility in a number of ways.

One common one is to make it harder to earn a winning combination. But, you make those combinations pay out more generously when they are hit. This is a common method used in 3-reel pokies.

Casual players typically will want to just play a poker machine from time to time in the hopes of winning a few dollars. Therefore, they would seek a low volatility machine.


Playing the pokies is often about more than just a quick buck.

Start by finding a game theme that interests you. It could be a movie or show that you like, or a fantasy series or comic book character. Most online casinos and betting websites will have games for a wide variety of tastes.

Rather than concern yourself with winning a heap of cash, try to have fun. Make sure you don’t wager more than you can afford to lose.

By understanding some of the built-in features of machines, which can increase your pokies odds, you can play a game that is suited to your gaming style.

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